Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Usmle Step 1 MCQ's # 9

Title: Usmle Step 1 MCQ's # 9
Subject: Behavioral Science
Q NO 9: Two young boys are playing at a daycare center. One holds a ball on top of some blocks that the other child has placed on the floor. The second child helps steady the blocks 1 then the first child lets go of the ball, knocking the blocks down to the floor. They both watch and then repeat the process. These children are most likely which of the following ages?

A. 10 months old
B. 16 months old
C. 18 months old
D. 24 months old
E. 48 months old

The correct answer is E. The capacity for cooperative play generally does not begin much before the age of 4. Prior to this time (24-30 months) children may play in a parallel fashion, but without real interaction.

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