Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Usmle Step 1 MCQ's

Title: Usmle Step 1
Subject: Behavioral Science

Q NO 1: A 29-year-old man presents with a dramatic flourish to his physician’s office, dressed in a “flashy” manner, and describes having brief, superficial relationships. On his way out, he asks the nurse for
a date. Which of the following might also describe the patient?
A. Allows others to make decisions for him
B. Has a restricted range ob emotion
C. Is socially withdrawn
D. Is the “life of the party”
E. Participates in criminal behavior

The correct answer is D. This individual has histrionic personality disorder, characterized by acting in a theatrical manner, which would include being the center of attention at a party. Such individuals are sexually provocative and have difficulty maintaining intimate relationships.
This patient would not have difficulties in self-confidence that would warrant having others make decisions for him (choice A). This describes a patient with dependent personality disorder.
Instead of being limited in expression of feelings (choice B), such as a patient with schizoid personality disorder, this patient expresses feelings openly, often in a yew superficial manner.
This patient would be the opposite of being socially withdrawn (choice C), and would be more likely to be socially gregarious and lively. A patient with avoidant personality disorder would be more likely to be socially with drawn.
While at times they make choices that reflect impulsivity, patients with histrionic personality disorder are not more likely to engage in criminal behavior (choice E). Criminal behavior would more likely be seen in those with antisocial personality disorder.

Source: http://usmleworldwide.blogspot.com/2012/08/usmle-step-1-mcqs.html

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